Looking for a Healthy Investment?

US$250,000 in total to finance clinical trials in New Zealand, a critical stage in bringing our product to market.

And it’s for these reasons, that’s important we bring our technology to market as quickly as possible.

To truly appreciate the importance and market value of this medical breakthrough in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, you really have to have suffered, or known someone to be affected by tennis elbow or other form of sport-related joint disorder. Not only can this condition result in being unable to enjoy a favourite hobby, it can also seriously impair your ability to perform many day-to-day tasks we take for granted and can even lead to loss of earnings.

Here’s A Medical Breakthrough with A Great Prognosis.

But we can’t do that without your help – which is why we’re looking for investors. We understand that if you’ve suffered from one of these conditions, you’d like to see an effective treatment available as soon as possible, so we’re offering this opportunity to everyone.


No matter how much you have to invest, you can gain a stake in this revolutionary therapy. Which means you’ll be doing your bit to help people with these conditions lead normal lives and even continue to enjoy their favourite sports.


Not only that, it also gives you the opportunity to invest in an application that has the potential to be highly lucrative. We are confident that, once in the marketplace, there will massive demand for this treatment and your investment will deliver significant return on your initial outlay.


tennis elbow clinical trials

Lateral epicondylitis can strike at any moment, no matter how fit or healthy you are. If it happens do you, don’t you hope there’s a treatment on the market that can help?


With our innovative breakthrough in Ultrasound treatment, we are making that happen. Help us and not only will you be helping others, we are confident you will see financial rewards too.

  • Invest as little or as much as you want
  • Technology that’s already proven to work
  • Research shows huge market potential
  • Clinical trials to be carried out by an expert at the earliest opportunity
  • Free treatment for you or a loved one for an investment above $10,000

We are looking to raise US$250,000 in total to finance clinical trials in New Zealand, a critical stage in bringing our product to market.


You can invest as much as you want, but we will offer free treatment for all investments of $10,000 or above, so not only can you benefit financially from this therapeutic breakthrough, you or someone close to you can benefit in their day-to-day life also.