Ballet feet injuries treatment

Back 'en pointe' in two pain relief treatments of ballet feet injuries


Injury events are common among professional dancers, injuries to the feet and ankles being particularly prevalent.  


Ankle and ballet feet injuries account for up to 45% of all injuries reported by professional modern dancers and up to 60% of professional ballet dancers.


The regular and often frequent extreme positioning of the foot for concentrated periods of time in performances, rehearsals and classes – for example, dancing on the tips of the toes or dancing on the balls of the feet with the ankle plantar flexed – leaves dancers vulnerable to acute injury and injuries resulting from overuse.


As with other athletes, this may be further exacerbated by environmental conditions (e.g. hard floors) and equipment (especially shoes). Tendon injuries, sprains and strains are particularly common.

ballet feet injuries

For professional dancers, injury resulting in an inability to train and/or to work has an obvious and potentially highly detrimental effect for their career.


As a fast and effective, non-invasive treatment modality that enables swift recovery from injury, Ultrasonic Pain Relief therapy therefore has the potential to be hugely beneficial in this context.