About Us tennis elbow treatment

Founded in 2016, Ultrasonic Pain Relief Ltd is a London-based start-up headed by Nico van Dongen.

With an MBA in strategic marketing, Nico has a commercial background but has worked on projects involving 3D ultrasound technology since 2006.


Having suffered from tennis elbow for several years, and being dissatisfied with conventional management of the condition, he used this knowledge and experience to experiment with a new form of treatment.


After applying low frequency 3D ultrasound  tennis elbow treatment to the  affected area for around 5 minutes, Nico was delighted to find himself pain free the following day.


Over the past seven years, the unique proprietary technology that underpins the Ultrasonic Pain Relief device has been further developed and refined.


During this time, it has been tested by a number of volunteers with chronic musculoskeletal disorders, achieving the same effective pain relief.


Ultrasonic Pain Relief Ltd has now been established to take this technology forward as a therapeutic treatment modality, through clinical trials and beyond.